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November 11, 2012
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Goodbye Street Gallery

Sun Nov 11, 2012, 11:36 AM
If you like what you read, please :+favlove: this article so it reaches more deviants

In few days, a whole year will have passed since the day I took over dA's Street Gallery as Street Community Volunteer.
A neglected gallery, full of misplaced images, but also with many worthy submissions.

I visited this galllery everyday, cleaning it (the 24h and 1month popular pages) and informing the photographers of the misplaced images  (every single one of them), what Street is all about.

At the same time, 3 days per week, I featured a worthy image as a Street Daily Deviation, taking in account your suggestions as well. The featured images were not necessarily the "best" of the featured deviants. My intention was not to feature "bests" but to draw the community's attention, to active Street photographers, both experienced and new to the genre, in order to boost their dedication to Street. I am content because a lot of times I succeeded.

During this year, a lot of people helped me with their suggestions and with working in Groups, promoting the genre and dedicating precious personal time for this purpose. I owe them a big THANK YOU. And I hope, that one of these people will continue promoting Street as the new Street CV.

In few days, my CV time will be over. Before this happens, I need to say a big thanks to two deviants in particular. Two very special ladies. The first is Moonbeam13, Head of the Community Relations team for giving me the opportunity to work as a CV. The second is the awesome myraincheck for being a constant inspiration and support, during both the good and the bad times of my CV period. Working with her in many projects, was a priviledge and an honor. A truly inspired and inspiring artist with an exceptional talent, an unmatched reliability and an unusually low, humble profile.
Grazie di cuore Mary!

Articles made during the last year:

:bulletblack: Street Photography Week Overview
:bulletblack: "Street": The origins - Defining Street
:bulletblack: Street Photography for dummies
:bulletblack: Street Photography for experts
:bulletblack: 52 Street tips from the Masters
:bulletblack: dA Street shooters share their tips
:bulletblack: Friday night Street Specials v4.4
:bulletblack: Deviant Street Books-Inspirational links
:bulletblack: PE:"So you think you can Street" Contest
:bulletblack: Street contest - THE WINNERS

Articles made with myraincheck

:bulletblack: A Visual Guide to Street Photography
:bulletblack: Street Photography Tutorial - I
:bulletblack: Street Photography Tutorial - II
:bulletblack: Street...without People
:bulletblack: The Essence of "Street"
:bulletblack: The Lucky 13 (street tips)
:bulletblack: The Mind's Eye - Book review
:bulletblack: Friday night Reasons to meet (or not) a Streettog
:bulletblack: Friday night Murphy's laws
:bulletblack: Free Street e-books - I
:bulletblack: Free Street e-books - II
:bulletblack: Free Street e-books - III

12 months Street DDs

down by pivan

:bulletblack:  Street Photography DDs - NOVEMBER 2011

The Birds II by pariah87

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - DECEMBER 2011

Angel at the Bus Stop by myraincheck

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - JANUARY 2012

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - FEBRUARY 2012

scene de rue 282 by C-Jook

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - MARCH 2012

Worlds Apart by Faddoush

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - APRIL 2012

connected? by ferg3110

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - MAY 2012

camouflage by hersley

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - JUNE 2012

competition by arslanalp

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - JULY 2012

124 by Y-KaFkAs

:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - AUGUST 2012

just around the corner by DRIVINGYOU

:bulletblack:Street Photography DDs - SEPTEMBER 2012

V by djailledie

:bulletblack:Street Photography DDs - OCTOBER 2012

And of course, almost every Friday afternoon,
the Friday night Street Specials

Mr. Crocodile by myraincheck

Officially, my time ends on the 19th of November. Till then, I'll keep on doing what I did the previous 12 months.
Thank you for all your kind words and your support.

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StamatisGR Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012   Photographer
Thank you for your wishes :)
JACAC Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
a l l . t h e . b e s t . m y . f r i e n d . =)
northern-art Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Wow, Stam,

thank you very, very much for all the effort you put in.
I love the articles you and Mary made.

Going to miss you.
Take care.
StamatisGR Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012   Photographer
Thank you so much Harry! :)
pavboq Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Thank you so much, Stam for an amazing, quality job on all street photography aspects on dA!:) It's been a great year (very busy for you though), both inspiring and educational. Especially, I've enjoyed Friday's nights (not only because of too much wine;)
Great respect for you!
StamatisGR Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012   Photographer
Thank you for your most kind words! :)
NanisKa Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012

You did a great job! I enjoyed looking at all the DDs you've featured and learn about the actual characteristics of Street Photography. I think I made a couple suggestions, a long while ago, and you rejected them because they didn't qualify as a Street scene or where misplaced. You commented on why they didn't qualify, and it was quite informative. Thank you very much for your patience and making me learn a little bit more about that category.

All the best,
Nawel. :iconredroseplz:
StamatisGR Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012   Photographer
Thank you so much Nawel! :)
NanisKa Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
You're most welcome! ^^
badnan Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012   Photographer
Einai sa xthes pou prospathusame na psifisume enan aksio kallitexnh gia na analavei auto to ergo. H hara fysika korufothike otan eidame enan Ellhna pou eixe kalo gousto kai fhmizotan gia tis dikaies epiloges tou. Makari na sunexiseis na eisai konta mas me ton idio tropo. :hug:
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